Bloomsbury Popular Music has moved!

In September 2021, Bloomsbury Digital Resources launched Bloomsbury Music and Sound, a growing digital hub that will provide access to exclusive reference content, cutting edge scholarship, and a variety of learning resources across a range of subject areas in music and sound studies. Bloomsbury Popular Music will be migrated onto the new Bloomsbury Music and Sound platform at this time.

Bloomsbury Music and Sound hosts two collections on the platform at launch: Bloomsbury Popular Music (along with its annual updates) and Sound Studies, a brand new eBook collection from Bloomsbury and Taylor & Francis. Other collections will be added to the platform over time.

Please see below for a list of FAQs about the platform migration, and information on how to find out more about the Bloomsbury Music and Sound Hub.

What will happen to my access of Bloomsbury Popular Music?

If your institution has purchased or subscribed to Bloomsbury Popular Music (or any of its annual update collections), you will still have access to that content. The previous URL for Bloomsbury Popular Music will be redirected to the new URL, bloomsburymusicandsound.com.

Your access method, for example IP address, Shibboleth or Open Athens, will continue to work in exactly the same way. However, existing subscribers to Bloomsbury Popular Music will now need to update their EZProxy stanza as outlined below:

  • The Geoplugin stanza for Bloomsbury Music and Sound remains as follows:
"Title GEOPlugin"
"URL https://ssl.geoplugin.net"
"Host https://ssl.geoplugin.net"
"HJ ssl.geoplugin.net"
"DJ geoplugin.net"
  • Existing Bloomsbury Popular Music customers will need to replace their existing stanza:
"Title Bloomsbury Popular Music"
"URL https://www.bloomsburypopularmusic.com/"
"HJ www.bloomsburypopularmusic.com"
"HJ bloomsburypopularmusic.com"
"HJ https://www.bloomsburypopularmusic.com"
"HJ https://bloomsburypopularmusic.com"
"DJ bloomsburypopularmusic.com"


"Title Bloomsbury Music and Sound"
"URL https://www.bloomsburymusicandsound.com/"
"HJ www.bloomsburymusicandsound.com"
"HJ bloomsburymusicandsound.com"
"HJ https://www.bloomsburymusicandsound.com"
"HJ https://bloomsburymusicandsound.com"
"DJ bloomsburymusicandsound.com"
  • Please note that these changes can now be made as the Bloomsbury Music and Sound has gone live and has replaced Bloomsbury Popular Music.
  • New Bloomsbury Music and Sound customers can add the updated stanzas to their config.txt in anticipation of the new platform going live, although this will only take effect once the new platform is live.

Will URLs from the old site redirect to pages on the new site?

In order to support customers who have bookmarked the current URLs, for example in library catalogue systems or in reading lists, as well as search engines and discovery and indexing databases, we have set up URL redirects. This will mean that links to content pages (e.g. to encyclopedia volumes, books, artist pages, and learning resources) will now redirect to the corresponding page on the new Music and Sound site.

Please note the redirects will live in our platforms indefinitely. DOIs will continue to point to the new platform too. This means that if you are using our MARC records (which include DOI URLs), you need not be concerned about the URLs. If you are using your own MARC records or are bookmarking pages using the OLD platform URLs, you are covered by the redirects.

What is different on Bloomsbury Music and Sound as opposed to the old Bloomsbury Popular Music website?

The new platform is titled Bloomsbury Music and Sound and is branded as such. Although there are some changes to the current Home and About page design, all previous search, browse, and content view functionalities remain the same as the old Bloomsbury Popular Music platform. Users of the previous platform will therefore not encounter any substantial changes to the ways in which they discover and interact with the content on the platform.

Bloomsbury Music and Sound will host two collections at launch, as stated above. This means content outside of Bloomsbury Popular Music will also be on the platform. While content may appear on the site, users will only have access to the collection that they have subscribed to or purchased.

For example, if your institution only subscribes to Bloomsbury Popular Music, you will only have access to content from Bloomsbury Popular Music. Content from other collections will be locked.

Are institutions able to renew their subscription to Bloomsbury Popular Music?

Yes, Bloomsbury Popular Music will still be available to purchase via subscription or perpetual access basis.

Bloomsbury Popular Music has not gone away, just migrated to a new site.

What will happen to my personal account?

You will still be able to log into your personal account on the new Hub.

Favorited content saved to personal accounts will not be retained as part of the migration from Bloomsbury Popular Music to Bloomsbury Music and Sound. Users were alerted to save those links instead to their browser favorites prior to the migration.

Favorited search items will not be retained when Bloomsbury Popular Music moves over to Bloomsbury Music and Sound. Search results will be different on the new platform, as users will be able to see search results from multiple collections if they have access, or if they opt in to see search results from all collections.

What do I do if I want more information about Bloomsbury Music and Sound and the new Sound Studies collection?

If you are a librarian interested in more information or a free trial for your institution, please reach out:

How do I keep updated about new collections, content updates and the migration?

You can sign up for our Bloomsbury Music and Sound newsletter to learn about new collections, content updates, learning resources and featured content, as well as any news on the migration, here.

What if I have a question about Bloomsbury Music and Sound that is not covered here?

Please fill out the Contact Us form and we will be happy to respond to your query.