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Koji Kondo

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...In his myriad compositions for Nintendo video games, Koji Kondo created some of the medium’s most memorable music. Born in Nagoya in 1961, Kondo began studying the organ at age five. Prior to studying at the Osaka University of the Arts...

Yoko Kanno

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...Yôko Kanno is a Japanese composer who is well known for her involvement in anime productions. It is reported that she sometimes sings her own compositions under the pseudonym “Gabriella Robin,” though she has also released albums under her...
...During the post-World War II American occupation of Japan, soldiers brought with them a set of popular music idioms that were adopted by Japanese artists. Shizuko Kasagi, born in 1914 in Kagawa, became one of the most important artists...
...An artist whose career continued to inspire others after his death, Shinpei Nakayama was one of the most important Japanese composers and songwriters in the early twentieth-century Taishō period. He was born in Nakano City, Japan in 1887...


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...Perfume is a j-pop (Japanese pop) and electro-pop all-girl trio, formed in Hiroshima, Japan. Perfume is considered to be one of the most influential girl groups in Japan. The group comprises the three members Yuka Kashino (stage name...
...Referred to by some as “Japan’s Bob Dylan,” Nobuyasu Okabayashi and his music exemplify the potential of American-inspired folk music in the trans-Pacific diaspora. Okabayashi was born in 1946 in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, and his father...

Shonen Knife

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...As a Japanese all-girl alternative rock band, Shonen Knife is known for its pop aesthetics and positive lyrics that contrast with its distinctive underground rock sound. Shonen Knife was formed in 1981 in Osaka, Japan, by sisters Naoko...
...Born in Sapporo, Japan in 1952, Miyuki Nakajima became one of the most successful pop singers, songwriters, and radio presenters in Japan. She attended high school in Obihiro, making her performance debut at one of her school’s culture...


Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume V : Locations: Asia and Oceania

Continuum, 2016

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...Population: 127,620,000 (2003) Japan, called Nippon or Nihon domestically, is located off the east coast of the Asian continent, and consists of an archipelago extending from northeast to southwest, with its size slightly larger...

Japanese Religion and Popular Music

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Popular Music

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

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...At the loud cry of the priest, Ferreira did not so much as raise his head. Eyes lowered he answered like a puppet without emotion: ‘This country is a swamp. In time you will come to see that for yourself. This country is a more terrible...