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Miles Davis

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...Through the second half of the twentieth century, few individuals have personified jazz as thoroughly as Miles Davis. Born in Illinois in 1926, Davis came from a prominent family led by his father, a dentist. A music teacher patient of his...

Chick Corea

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...As one of the principal architects of jazz fusion, Chick Corea’s keyboard work established the instrument’s role in the new genre. Born in Massachusetts in 1941, Corea was raised surrounded by jazz records and the trumpet playing of his...

Talisker’s Dreaming Of Glenisla (1975)

John Cavanagh

John Cavanagh is the author of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (#6). Find him at Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The 33 1/3 B-Sides

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Scholarly Books

...The dog on the front cover was the first attraction. Until I was 9, my family had a cairn terrier and, although Dougal, Talisker’s mascot, was a white West Highland terrier, the resemblance to our dear-departed Brownie was enough of a tug...

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

33 1/3 Books

...It was 1969, and Miles Davis, prince of cool, was on the edge of being left behind by a dynamic generation of young musicians, an important handful of whom had been in his band. Rock music was flying off in every direction, just as America...

Kristiansand, Stavanger and Southern Norway

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume VII : Locations: Europe

The Continuum International, 2016

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...Population: Kristiansand city – 75,280 (2004); Stavanger city – 112,819 (2004) The region of southern Norway consists of three counties: Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and Rogaland. Among the cities in the Agder...

Washington, DC

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume IV : Locations: North America

Continuum, 2016

Encyclopedia Articles

...Population: city – 572,059 (2000); metropolitan area – 5,423,793 (2000). Founded in 1790, Washington was the first US city planned for a specific purpose: government. Chosen by Congress as the midpoint between...


Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume VIII : Genres: North America

The Continuum International, 2012

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...Jazz emerged as a distinct musical form in the United States in the early decades of the twentieth century and is primarily of African-American origin. Its early influences are held to encompass elements of African and European music...